Taken from parade of Homes Website Woodbury MN:

by Guest Blogger Melissa Adams

  Metallics NOT only will warm metallics like gold and bronze be ‘in’; they will also be combined in bold new designs in an aim to marry ‘chic’ to ‘cost’. For a bolder look, mix primary colors like red or blue (one of the stronger colors in 2014) with gold, copper of bronze details. For a more feminine ambiance, dress vintage items like Edwardian-styled dressers in pastel hues, embellished with metallic borders, handles or corners. If new pieces of furniture are not in the cards because you have already made a serious investment in home furniture and/or antiques, jazz up existing pieces with small sculptures, gilded frames or spheres in yellow gold or warm bronze hues. The good news is that this year, ‘retro’ styles will be bigger than ever, with 18th and 19th century pieces holding sway. Additional nods to the past will be seen in neo-classical sculpture pieces, antique art pieces and Victorian-styled furniture. If you are lucky enough to own these pieces, keep up with the times by complementing them with the colors of the season in items like curtains, cushions and sofa throws. Metallics will be seen in kitchens, too, with custom cabinets embellished by brass or chrome fittings, accessories or lighting. Countertops and backsplashes, meanwhile, will be sporting surfaces inspired on various metals and even semi-precious stones.
(A side note; when I remodeled my home 10 years ago I was told that the golden metallic was the next trend.  so I put in brass and gold tone medals for bath fixtures and door knobs and light fixtures.  but the nickels seemed strong.  Now it seems that it is finally happening and I can proudly say that I have had them for 10 years.  Goes to show how long some of the trends take to become actually trends.)

Colors BLUE and green, combined with grays, cream tones and even orange, will do plenty to bring warmth and vibrancy to homes this year. Bright neon hues will also be seen on smaller items of furniture and on accessories, particularly yellow, lime green and lilac, combined with creamy and beige tones.

 Fresh-Toned Woods: Balinese wenge has been all the rage for the last few years, yet the good news for lovers of lighter-hued materials like cherry, maple, oak or even yellow birch.

The penchant for bold geometrics (including black-and-white spheres, hexagons and mazes), featured strongly in 2013 and the trend continues in 2014, with wallpaper, designer pieces and artwork bearing eye-catching designs that inspire conversation. If you find this style too glaring, keep it to a bare minimum with small sculptures or cushions bearing bi-colored circles, zigzag lines or funky polyhedrons. Moreover, bear in mind that this year’s geometrics will probably be slightly less bold and smaller in size, than they were in 2013.

Ethnic-inspired prints Bringa buzz to a somewhat somber room with Mexican or Spanish-inspired shades, which work beautifully with both earthy and warmer shades like burgundy (the latter is another color that promises to feature strongly in 2014). Bohemian Chic Combinations The Bohemian vibe, in a sense, encapsulates many of the trends previously mentioned. Inspired on the color and vibrancy of countries like India and Morocco, it is characterized by a blend of geometric accessories (such as cushions and pillows in various patterns and hues) and antique-styled metallic items (such as elaborately embellished mirrors, arch-shaped mirrors and sculptures and accessories and ethnic motifs in items like rugs, cushions and wall designs). These traditional items work beautifully with contemporary touches like bold, primary colored chairs, neo-classical chandeliers or unexpected accents of color, such as fuchsia doors or bright lacquered tables. The key is to mix just the right amount of light and warmth, so that a room does not lose its youthful appeal. If you wish to keep this trend to a minimum, start with baby steps like Moroccan styled doorknobs, bright colored candle lanterns or square-shaped puff chairs covered in fabric bearing lighter tones like light, faded blue, with subtle geometrics.

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